Thursday, January 29, 2009

Little Row

Ok so with a slight level of anexity I climbed back on the erg today. I've done very little work on it over the last 2 months as I focused on some strength work. So I trained this morning on an empty stomach

I completed 10 x 1km rows - 1:52.6 pace SR 27 with a 1 minute rest on each.
My heart rate maxed at about 145 and seetled down under 100 before each new 1km.

Good session, and will have a conditioning weights session with Will tonight. We have a little discussion scheduled to get this programme right and set a few targets. So i'll update again tonight... Not that anyone will notice

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Testing Day

So today was my first day back in the facility and myself and Will decided it would be a good idea to test. So a little warm up and stretch and off we went

Bench Press (1RM) 110 kg
Chin Ups (Max) 10 Reps
Press Ups (60 Sec) 44 Reps
Inverted Rows (60 Sec) 31 Reps
Deadlift (1 RM) 170kg

Pretty happy with them all as, I have not been doing any bench or chin work during my strength phase. I'll talk to W and see where he sees my goals as I look towards some weight training and a cross training of rowing and running. So we'll see the plan tomorrow...

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Time to Row

Ok, so for the last 6 weeks the erg has been very much in the background of my mind. Will has had me on a heavy strength programme where rowing was not allowwed to effect strength days. So it has simply been a gentle recovery day exercise in the 1:55 to 2.00/ 500m region.

I have been invited to join a novice rowing team "on actual water". To do this I will have to concentrate heavily on erg work and take the benefit of all the strength work. This will be an interesting little journey but in my mind I can mix it up with weights and cross train with running/interval work. I'll have to disuss with WH to get this all sorted out.

Enough to say this blog will become all the more interesting again from next week !!