Thursday, March 19, 2009

Went to Look at the Water

I have concluded the well known fact that "Ergo's don't float" so its time to put all this gym time onto the water.

I headed to Island Bridge on Wednesday to take a look at a few boats and find about getting some instruction. So now I have to make a date to be shown how its done.

I am planning to hit the water for real next week.

Training wise - I doing some high intensity work I'll document it later in the week


Eric(K) said...

hey damian,

two things, there's a regatta down in islandbridge next saturday if you want to come down and have a look, i'll be down in neptune rc for most of the day. Actually there's a member there you might know from the army, his name is barry crushnell?

second is i heard you were going to apply for the ncaa s&c course, i might join you in doing that so if you wanna share any reading material let me know


Damian Griffin said...

Eric, I was up country at the weekend so i'm yet to get on the water. Training away like a lunatic as ever though